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The collection has been entirely designed and crafted by Giacomo Bacci and his intimate team in his studio in Florence. Each piece can be recreated to fit individual measurements. The photographs were taken in an empty apartment, inviting the viewer to explore the sartorial details and the designer's aesthetic choices.

The designer traversed through various silhouettes, creating fits that are close at the same time to the sartorial tradition and contemporary harmony. All fabrics were carefully studied and selected based on their features, with different wool-blend fabrics taking center stage as the main characters. Autumnal colors and shades seamlessly came together, creating a warm and elegant mood.

The process of creating each item reflects the designer's vision of meticulously caring for each production step as a means to ensure quality.
The GB Team is pleased to unveil a complete collection that transcends the art of crafting sartorial shirts, now extending its embrace to a diverse array of clothing pieces.

The campaign and photoshoot was directed by Giacomo. The collection was seen through the eyes of Lorenzo and Emilia, respectively digitally and analogically. We infinitely thank Matteo, Tommaso and Slobodan for their contribution to the styling and image curation.

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